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An unfortunate partner in success is the IRS. Successful people produce taxable situations, at Blue Oak we help minimize the negative impact taxes have on your personal and business achievements.


— Todd Carter
Tax Advantaged Investing

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Financial success is becoming more difficult to achieve as the increasing role of government presents growing obstacles. Perhaps no obstacle is more daunting than tax. Now more than ever, highly competent, collaborative advisory teams are essential in fighting for your tax savings. Whether you are transitioning the value you’ve created or are continuing to build it, our “all hands on deck” approach generates positive outcomes. Below is a sampling of the taxable scenarios we provide expertise in.


The sale of investment or business-related real estate can often be a highly-taxable event. There are several investment strategies that can defer and even eliminate unwanted tax. Blue Oak’s strategies are not only designed to manage tax but aim to preserve wealth, provide diversification and eliminate active real estate management responsibilities.


The IRS provides business owners with many ways to protect themselves from taxation. Blue Oak understands the small business owner. Most bury themselves in the business and often don’t have time to make sure their financial affairs are as efficiently managed as possible. Blue Oak collaborates with the business owner and their team of advisors to develop tax strategies targeted to protect, preserve and stabilize the owner, their business and family.


For many, estate planning is an exhausting but necessary exercise that requires hours of discussing, structuring and protecting plans beyond the grave. Tax is one of the greatest diminishers of wealth within an estate. Blue Oak’s forward thinking estate tax strategies helps taxpayers protect more of what they’ve spent their entire lives building.


Business transitions can be a complicated and exhausting experience. When you include the negative impact of tax they can be downright scary. Blue Oak collaborates with the business owner and their team of advisors to introduce investment solutions designed to reduce tax and help secure their financial future.


The most common tax-situation Blue Oak finds ourselves assisting with is that of a high income earner looking to reduce their taxable income after exhausting the standard deductions afforded them by the IRS. For these tax-payers, the investment impact is as valuable as the tax avoidance our strategies provide.


Many taxpayers find themselves with passive activity losses from real estate or partnership interests that remain suspended and unrealized for years. Many will never realize these losses. What a waste. Blue Oak builds portfolios designed to convert those suspended passive activity losses into tax-free income.