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Relationships First

We’re Small, On Purpose

It’s something I take great pride in — knowing we’ve built a team of people who genuinely care about our clients’ well being beyond their finances.

We’re too small of a firm to simply bring on clients, run them through a system then move on to the next portfolio. Every individual gets our absolute best effort. What separates Blue Oak’s client is their desire for better investments, service and skill — that’s what we deliver.


— Andy Topka
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A Business Built
Around You

Relationships First isn’t a tagline, it’s our promise. We craft personalized, solution-based portfolios by offering individuals access to institutional grade investments. Blue Oak’s approach allows us to assemble a team with specific expertise in areas unique to your portfolio. Strategy is executed and every taxable event is handled with precision. At Blue Oak, you’re not just a number, you’re part of our family.

Ready to discuss your personalized plan?
What to expect

Your First 90 Days With Blue Oak.

Initial account paperwork is completed.

Accounts have been established and funded, any incoming transfers have been initiated. New account confirmation is communicated and online account access is granted.

Your Money is in Motion
Accounts have been funded and incoming transfers have arrived. Your Blue Oak Individual Endowment Model portfolio has been agreed upon and investment allocation has been initiated. Investments are identified and purchased.

Receive first Monthly Statement
Holdings will appear in second monthly statement. Throughout the first 45 days, you will receive correspondence from each investment group and Blue Oak.

All newly purchased investments have settled in your account(s). Monthly / Quarterly brokerage statements are available, follow-up meeting(s) with your Blue Oak team.

Meet Our Team

Personalized To Perform

Your financial goals are unique, shouldn’t your portfolio be?

Handcrafted strategies paired with skillful tax management drives wealth by maximizing net return. At Blue Oak, we build a team around your specific needs so you can pursue tomorrow with confidence.